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Cheaters: A Dark Romance Anthology

The game: dishonesty.

The goal: to gain advantage.

Morals don’t exist with these people. They do what they want, no matter the consequences.

Rules are thrown out.

Honor is void.

Right and wrong are abandoned.

Find out what happens when truth and loyalty are discarded in a world where what you want, is exactly what you get.

Cheaters is a limited edition collection of addictive stories from your favorite USA Today and bestselling authors.




Abigail Davies • Cole Denton • S. Firefox • Stephanie Renee • Cassandra Cripps • Anise Storm • Rae B. Lake • Kay Elle Parker • Danielle Jacks • Zoey Zane • Saffron Blu • Mary B. Moore • Stacy McWilliams • Tinley Blake • A R Thomas • Jason Hes •

Kirsty-Anne Still • Persephone Autumn • Lindsay Becs • Sienna Grant •

Hart De Lune • Jade Royal


(As part of the Cheaters Anthology)

My father always said trust was like a paper coffin.

One naked flame and it was gone.

I didn’t know how right he was until he died, and I was resurrected.

I thought I was brought back to roam the world in his wake, stronger and fiercer than he ever knew possible, but that was only the start of the lie.

The devil doesn’t need light to shine, I just needed a match and a fuse.


There are three things you can be certain of in this life:

* We are born. 

* We will die. 

* People lie.

That last one’s the most complex matter of the three. Lies were what made me, shaped me, and ultimately destroyed me.

I thought I was the devil in this story, but I was yet to meet my match.

And she’s about to rip this world apart.

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